You can now add an Administrative Fee to your program to help recoup the cost of online processing for each registration. The fee will be the percentage that you specify and will be applied to the sum total of the cost of each registration.

If you have been using an “add-on” for this purpose, we recommend deselecting the add-on and utilizing this Administrative Fee feature.

1. To set up an administrative fee on your program, select the 'PROGRAMS' tab on the blue bar at the top of the screen.


2. Select 'EDIT' on the program that you wish to add an Administrative Fee.


3. Within the program editing wizard, click tab #6 'PAYMENTS'.


4. The default percentage is 0.00%, or no fee. To add a fee, enter a percentage up to two decimal places for your Administrative Fee calculation. The percentage will be applied to the total cost of each registration for this program. Please note that your payment processor (i.e. My School Bucks, PayPal, Stripe, etc.) will automatically apply their processing fee when payment is received into your account. Set your administrative fee percentage accordingly. 


5. You also have the ability to discount this administrative fee when registration is completed using a particular payment method. Select 'EDIT' on the payment method you'd like to discount. Within 'Edit Payment Methods' window, select the checkbox to the left of 'Deduct Administrative Fee when this payment method is used' and choose 'SAVE'. Now, when completing registration using this payment method, the administrative fee will be deducted. If the registrant changes from a payment method where the administrative fee is deducted, to a payment method where the administrative fee applies, the fee will no longer be deducted.

Note: If you would like the deduction to apply to this payment method for this program but not others, create a new payment method, as deductions apply to all programs for which the payment method is used.

6. Choose the green 'Save' button at the bottom of the page to save this fee.