1. Log-in to FamilyID and select the 'REPORTS' tab at the top of the screen.

2. Locate the report you want to clone, and select the down arrow next to the 'TABLE VIEW' button. Then select 'CLONE'.

3. Update the name of the report by erasing "Copy 1' and updating the name.


4. Select a new filter, by clicking 'Select a Filter' in the grey box. To edit the filter(s) for your report by clicking the blue pencil in the filter box.

  • Programs and Sections
  • Registration date
  • Payment Status
  • Approval Status
  • Registrant Name
  • Invitation Status
  • Internal Fields


For the 'Programs and Sections' filter make your selections and click 'SAVE'.

Here's an example of the 'Programs and Sections' filter which will lead you to your program titles.

5. Share Report: You have the option to automatically generate a report and have it sent to one or more email addresses. 

To edit report sharing, click the 'Share report' check box on the bottom of the page. Enter an email address (up to 5 recipients, separate each email address with a comma), select your frequency and a start and end date. You have the choice of two file formats:  Table view, Page view or both. Click 'SAVE'.

6. Click 'SAVE & VIEW' to save and preview your report.