When creating a program with FamilyID, there are many areas where an organization can input their own customized text. These areas are great places to give families added instruction in multiple languages.

A preview of a bilingual (Spanish & English) program, with translated text in the designated areas, can be found by clicking on the following link: https://www.familyid.com/programs/40024e9a-0121-4f71-816a-0f31d0a2efe2/preview


Shown below are the different areas of your program where you are able to input your own customized text.

Tab 1: Description
- Program Title & Overview

Tab 2: Sections
- Sections


- Section Options


Tab 3: Add-On
- Add-Ons


Tab 4: Participant
- Custom Fields



 - Instruction Fields


- Other Information Field

Tab 5: Agreements
- Agreements


- Policies


Tab 6: Payment
- Payment Details


- Refund Instructions