NOTE: A payment method created under a specific program will be available for use on all of your organization's programs.

 1. Log-in to FamilyID and select the blue 'Programs' tab at the top of the screen.


2. Select the gray 'Edit' button associated with an existing program.


3. From the program editing wizard, click tab #6 for 'Payment'.


4. Select the green 'Create New Payment Method' button.


5. Select 'MySchoolBucks' within the 'Create a new payment method' drop-down menu.


6. If you have your MySchoolBucks Client ID, along with any of the other available fields, please input the information. If you are in need of this information select 'Click here', as part of 'Click here to contact MySchoolBucks'. This will send an email to MySchoolBucks with information about your organization as well as the contact information of the user logging the request. 


7. Once you have your credentials and have input your Client ID, along with any of the other applicable fields, select the green 'SAVE' button. Your MySchoolBucks payment method is now created and is being used in this program. 


8. To use this payment method on other programs, select 'edit' on that particular program and 'check-off' the payment method. All 'payment methods' with a green check-mark next to it are in use on that program.