If you have a program that is currently full, you can create a wait list for anybody wanting to sign up. You can do this easily with FamilyID.

Step 1) Go to your Programs page. You can access this by going to the "Programs" button in the blue bar at the top of the page. Then, click "Edit" next to the program of choice. 




2) Once you are into your program, just click Tab 2, "Sections."



3) On this page, you can see all the sections currently being offered. To create your waitlist, click the green "Create New Section" button.



4) Enter the name of your waitlist. Make sure to mark it clearly as "WAIT LIST" so that registrants do not select the wrong section. Enter the start and end dates. Make sure to leave your "Space Limit" blank. Enter in any remaining information and press "Save." 



 Managing your waitlist


 When you need to move a participant from a waitlist into an active program, you can easily do so on FamilyID. 


1) Go to the blue Programs tab at the top of the page. Then click the number of registrants under Filled.



2) Find the registrant you wish to edit, then click the down arrow next to View. Then click Edit.



 3) Scroll down to the Sections area. Unclick the box next to waitlist. Then click the checkbox next to the section you wish to move the person into. Then press Save.