Statistics help you see and understand data, providing valuable insights about your program participation. With just a few clicks you can transform your registrations into bar charts, pie charts and timeline graphs to easily visualize participation and dollar value within and among your programs.

Here are just a few example of how you can use statistics to analyze program participation: 
- Compare participation for your programs from one year to the next 
- View peak registration periods from first sign-up to last 
- Easily create Title IX reports for sports programs 
- Visualize the revenue contribution among your programs

1. Log-in to FamilyID and select the 'Statistics' tab.


2. Click 'Generate Statistics'.


3. Title your statistics report and choose 'Select Programs' to set your filter.


4. Select the programs and sections you would like included on your charts. Choose 'Save'.


5. Set how you would like the data broken down. For example, selecting 'sections' will use your program's sections as the chart's data values. Selecting 'Section Options' would utilize section options.


6. Select 'Show Labels' and 'Show Key' if you'd like your charts to include this information.


7. Finally, under 'Select charts to display', select each chart you'd like to display. When complete, choose the green 'Save & View' button.


8. You'll now see a Bar chart, Pie chart, Timeline, and Table breaking down the data you've selected by registration count. Toggle over to 'Dollar Value', to visualize this data broken down by Dollar Amount.