A program that is listed as 'Private' yet registration is 'Open' will not be available for registration through your Organization landing page. Here are the steps on how to make a program private and open  (NOTE: if your program is already both 'Private' and 'Open' you can skip the following three steps).

1. Select the 'PROGRAMS' tab and then select the grey 'EDIT' button next to the program you would like to make private & open.


2. Click on tab 8 'Publishing'. Under 'Display on FamilyID' select 'Private' then under 'Open Registration' select 'Open' and the start and end date you would like your program open until.


3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select 'APPROVE & SAVE'. You will then see a popup window warning you that your form is listed as Private/Open, select 'Yes' to save your changes.


You will need to send your family/individual a direct link to that private form for them to be able to complete a registration for that program.

1. Log-in to your organization account and proceed to your 'PROGRAMS' tab.


2. To retrieve the link to the form for the program, click on the oval 'LINKS' button.


3. Once the 'LINKS' button is clicked, a popout window will appear. The third link is the direct link to the Registration form. Copy this link and paste/send it to your family/individual.