By enabling attendance tracking you can give coaches, chaperones, and program leaders a quick and simple way to take attendance for each event. Attendance Tracking lets users with access to an attendance-enabled report record whether each participant is present or absent.

You can also enable Attendance Tracking + Absence Notifications which allows the user to send a notification email to the family account owner when the participant is marked as absent.

1. To enable Attendance Tracking, log-in to FamilyID and choose the 'REPORTS' tab on the blue bar at the top of the screen.

2. Locate the report where you would like to enable Attendance Tracking, click the down-arrow next to 'TABLE/PAGE VIEW' and choose 'ATTENDANCE SHEETS'. You'll then be brought to the edit page for that report.

3. In the 'REPORT SETTINGS' section, click into the drop-down beneath 'Attendance Tracking' and enable either 'Attendance Tracking' or 'Attendance Tracking + Absence Notifications'. If 'Attendance Tracking + Absence Notifications' is enabled, users will have the option to send an email notification to the account owner email address for each participant marked as absent.

4. Once Attendance Tracking is enabled, a blue icon will display next to the report where Attendance Tracking was enabled.

For information on how to Take Attendance and Send Absence Notifications, click here.