Do you need to make sure that your athletes meet age eligibility requirements? Do you offer different activities to kids based on their grade or age range? Do you require players to select the correct team for their age?

You now have the ability to set age and grade parameters to alert you when participants do not meet your limitations. 

1. From your program editing wizard, click 'Edit' on an existing section or select the green 'Create New Section' button.


2. Scroll to the bottom of the 'Section' window where you'll see the 'Set Age Limitation' and 'Set Grade Limitation' options.


3. To set an 'age limitation', enter the date for which you'd like to calculate a participant's age. Participants will need to fall within your designated age range as of this date.

For example, if participants in your Basketball Camp must be at least 12 years of age and no older than 14 years of age when the camp begins on August 1, 2018, you would take the following steps:

  • Enter 8/1/2018 in the date field
  • Set a 'Starting from age:' of 12 years and an 'Up to' age of 15 years 

All participants under 12 years of age and all participants 15 years of age and older will be flagged.


4. To set a 'grade limitation', simply select a minimum and maximum grade. For example, if your section is available to 7th and 8th graders then select a minimum grade of 7 and a maximum grade of 8. If your section is only available to 8th graders, set a minimum and maximum of 8. Save your section.

PLEASE NOTE: Registrants that do NOT meet your age and/or grade requirements may still complete a registration. However, the registrant will be warned that they do not meet requirements and that their registration may not be accepted. If they choose to submit the registration, this registration will be flagged for the organization with red text and an alert icon. Click the icon to see further details. The organization can change the section selected or cancel the registration.