E-mail preferences can be set at the Organization level or the Program level.

To designate e-mail addresses at the Program level, please refer to our HELP article Notification Emails at the Program Level https://familyid.groovehq.com/knowledge_base/topics/notification-e-mails-at-the-program-level


To designate an e-mail address to receive ALL notification emails for ALL Programs  (for example any registrations created, updated, and cancelled, etc. ):

1. Log-in to FamilyID.com

2. Click on the blue 'ORGANIZATION' tab. 

3. Click 'EDIT' next to the organization logo and name.


4. In the Notification e-mail field, you may add up five email addresses, separated by commas. Any email addresses in this field will receive ALL FamilyID notifications. If this field blank is left blank, then no notification emails will send at the organizational level.


5. Click 'SAVE' or 'SAVE AND CONTINUE' to complete the update process.