1. To update an existing Agreement and/or Policy, proceed to log in at FamilyID and go to your 'PROGRAMS tab.
  2. Click 'EDIT' on the Program you want to update.

3. Click on the (5) 'AGREEMENTS' tab.

4. Click 'EDIT' on the agreement or policy that you want to update. 


5. There are four choices in Agreements ('Registrant Must agree', 'Update All Programs', 'Save as Default', ‘Second Signature.) and two choices in Policies ('Update All Programs', 'Save as Default).

'Registrant Must Agree': This will only be available for an agreement. If you check the box, the electronic signature is required. If unchecked, the electronic signature is optional and this will allow for the person to declare 'I Agree' or 'I Do Not Agree'.

'Update All Programs': will change the text for this agreement/policy in all of your programs.

'Save as Default': will use this updated agreement/policy text for all future use of this agreement/policy.

‘Second Signature’: Allows you to add a second signature to an agreement (for example, both a parent and student signature). Select this checkbox and then from the dropdown menu select the text that you wish to appear under the signature box.  






6. Click 'SAVE' when you are done.