Through the 'PROGRAMS' tab, you have the ability to view all registrations for a particular program or section. You also have the ability to update your view to include any fields you'd like.

This article will show you how to:

  • View registrations for your program
  • Update your registrations view
  • Re-order your columns
  • Sort your view by the different headings


View registrations for your program:

1. To see the list of all registrations in a Program, go to your 'PROGRAMS' tab and click on the 'FILLED' number for that program.

2. By clicking on the 'FILLED' number, you will see a list of all registrations for that program.


Update your registrations view:

Re-order your columns:

Sort your view by the different headings:

1. You can update the fields that display as part of your view by selecting the 'EDIT' button in the top-right corner.


2. Decide whether you'd like your view to consist of 'All Registrations' (including cancelled) or simply the 'Completed' ones. Select any fields you would like to add by check-marking the field. De-select any fields by un-checking.


3. You have the ability to re-order your fields right from here by selecting the three grey bars associated with the field and dragging it to the desired position.


4. Also right from here, you can sort the information by three of the fields in the report, and specify the order – either ascending or descending.  Last name or Program Sections are common fields to sort by.


5. Select 'SAVE & VIEW' to see your registrations list. This will update the view for the entire program and all of its' sections. Acknowledge this by selecting 'OK'.