You, as the organization, have the ability to provide discounts or collect fees using the Add-On tab in a program. 

An Add-On is an additional selection on a registration form that may add a fee or apply a discount. It may have a dollar value or be a percentage increase/ decrease in the cost of the program. It may also be an additional selection that does not affect the price.

Some examples of Add-Ons include but are not limited to:

  • Booster Donations
  • Free or Reduced Lunch
  • Late Fees for late registrants
  • Discounts for early bird registrants
  • Sibling Discounts
  • Membership Renewals


This is what you will name your Add-On.  We also provide an 'information' text area where you can describe in more detail the Add-On to families. 


An alternative is the option or options you will be giving participants to choose from.

Alternatives can be single or multiple choice. They can be a required field, meaning participants will NEED to select an option to continue and submit their form. You can also leave it as an optional question. Don’t worry, if families leave this question blank or even select the wrong option, you can choose or edit their Add-On selection on your end. 

Remember, if you are providing a discount, make sure to place a minus sign (-) in front of the amount. 

Once a registration has been submitted, even if you put them in a ‘Correction Required’ status families are unable to change Add-On selections on their end. This has to be done by you, the organization.  

Add-Ons can be a fixed price, or you can leave it where participants can enter their own amount. This works well when using an Add-On as a booster club donation.

 Add-Ons can be automatically applied to every registrant or you can add an 'Eligibility Requirement'. In the box provided, you can indicate what information is needed for that person to be eligible for that particular discount or fee.  You can even have an Add-On active for specific days using the “Active Dates’ feature. This feature can be used to provide discounts for early registrants or a late fee for participants who are registering after a certain date. 

Add-On example:


 How families see Add-Ons on registration form: